ARTISTIC TREE SERVICES for the Coachella Valley.

We are the Expert Tree Trimming, Tree Pruning, Tree Removal Company with excellent Standard Tree and Palm Tree design abilities for the Coachella Valley.

ARTISTIC, is a professional service with the experience and equipment to serve our customers right. We employ fully insured crews for the protection of our valuable clients. We have liability insurance, but we prefer to protect our customers’ property by doing the job correctly. 

Our employees understand the high value we place on customer satisfaction. This approach to client service helped us to build an impressive customer following. Homeowners call us back when they need tree trimming in the Coachella Valley.       


We know that price plays a huge role in selecting a company to help you with your tree service project.


We are not always the cheapest tree service but we try to be the best. Does that mean we are overpriced?


No, in fact we are usually the lowest bid, just not always. We get asked a lot how we offer our service at such a low rate. It is excellent experience.


AS FOR THE REMOVAL OF TREES, Trees should be cut down for a multitude of factors. The reason may be as a result of injury, illness, an endangerment to property or even person, as well as simply just visual appeal. Powerful violent wind storms frequently harm trees making them hazardous as well as unappealing. Illnesses, for example, canker decay, can trigger them to die or otherwise appear unhealthy as well as unattractive in a landscape.